Nicole Cooney

Nicole Cooney

Operations Director/Senior Partner

"It's all about having a true passion for property - everything from sales to interior design"

Nicole is the heart and soul of the Bennett Cooney Mackman team.

As Operations Director, she keeps the entire agency and in-house cafe running smoothly on a day to day basis. Additionally, she manages the marketing and leasing teams and is a valuable member of the sales team.  She lists, sells, leases, fixes problems and makes sure everything in between is taken care of. 

With over 20 years experience working in both private and public property sectors, Nicole brings a level of expertise and insight that is rare in the industry. 

If you ask Nicole about how her property career came about, she says "when I finished school, I wasnt sure exactly what I wanted to so so I enrolled in a legal secretary course - which I hated - but I loved conveyancing.  Later, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Land Economy) Degree and I've never looked back". 

A receptionist in a prominent local Real Estate Agency was her first role and quickly got promoted to Property Management and Sales Support. She then moved into state and local government, climbing the ladder over 16 years to a senior role and managing millions of dollars of community assets. She was known as the person who got things done quickly and professionally. Previous contacts still contact Nicole for assistance and advice.

Every day is a new day and a fresh start for Nicole. With genuine passion,a can-do attitude, a strong work ethic and excellent organisational skills, there's no one more suited to keep our operations streamlined and deliver outstanding services to our clients.